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    A huge BF broadcast is here!

    We also have a new sub courtesy of reylee, where he will be posting translated info as well: Broadcast Post

    Currently waiting for translations ~

    BF News and Updates:
    • Year-End Campaigns
      • 12/20 - 1/5 = Special Challenges, 2x Merit Exchange
      • 12/25 - 15
        • 3-Gem Summons
        • 4x ABP/CBP
        • FRU + Evo Dungeons
        • MB Medal Rush
        • 2x EXP SKD
        • higher chances of getting rare Elgifs on the Elgif dungeon
      • 12/25 - 1/8 = Gorgeous Collab Dungeon
      • 12/31 - 1/1 = 48 hours of 0 EN
    • -----------
    • The following events will be rotated weekly
      • Half STP
      • MB Medal Rush
      • ABP/CBP up
      • FH
        • more gem rewards
        • removed Rankings and MVP awards
        • Terminus to be recycled using past Terminus lineups
      • 2x EXP SKD
      • SHS
      • Challenge Missions
      • 2x Merit Exchange
      • Super Metal and Jewel Parade
    • -----------
    • Upon release of BF2, the following Daily Dungeons/Events will become permanent:
      • Karma
      • Evo Mats
      • Item
      • Zel/Gold
      • Forbidden Elgifs
      • RC6 Quests
      • Vortex Batch Dungeons (such as Reed, Kyle, etc.)
    • -----------
    • No more Legacy DEs
    • Honor Items purchasable with Merit pts

    BF2 News and Updates:

    • NOT 2017 Release
    • Swipe Left: opens a few more options aside from Guard and BB
    • Universal Evolvers. No more elemental evolvers
    • Some kind of Pet System (?)
    • Purchasable Units (confirmed summon) as mentioned before
      • You can buy in bulk.
      • Better purchase screen.
    • Adjustable Honor Gate summon via slider. Not just 1 or 10 at a time.
    • Returning/New Randall NPCs
      • Sera, Ana
      • RIP Lin
    • No more Burst Frogs
    • --------
    • More stuff

    New NPC Art

    BF2 Navigation and Gameplay Preview

    1. I will be breaking down the following post to avoid a wall of text.
    2. The Info below is a truncated version of the original post. To see the full info, visit the burefuro2 sub.
    3. I didn't know that the site can only have 10 uploaded images per post. Visit the original post for more screenshots, instead of posting a bunch of imgur links here. Alternatively, you can also watch the full navigation and gameplay snippet on the video attached at the end of this section.
    Home Screen
    • feat. Summoner with Fire Sword
    • Summoner's power level now goes by Rank, not Level.
    • You can tap the units on the middle overlay to display the selected unit on the screen
    • You can also hide the unit selection shown in the middle, and the two panels on the left side.
    • The Carousel Navigation (the spinning options) can be spun rapidly.
    • Alternatively, you can also hide it or simply display it as a simple buttons.
    • The background is animated and would change according to progress in the main quest.
    Mission Warp
    • Swipe Left/Right to find the right waifu. I mean to toggle between Quest Maps.
    • The map featured in the stream was Randall
    Quest List
    • The Heart represents the EN cost.
    • The Swords represents the number of Battles.
    • The Stars represents Stage Challenges. Clicking the magnifying glass displays the challenge list.
    • Challenges vary in difficulty such as clearing the quest in x turns, or clearing without deaths.
    • Completing all three stars reward 1 Gem.
    Friend Selection
    • Just like BF1, you get more points (+200 Honor Pts) for choosing a Friend.
    • You can also choosing your own unit as a Friend Lead, or leave the Friend Slot empty.
    • There is a separate feature called "Follow", where you follow a player instead of issuing a Friend Request. Players that you are following are displayed with blue text.
    Adventure Starto!
    • Same as BF1 with a few major improvements.
    • Squads can now be named.
    • Leader Skills (LS) displayed only shows the LS Skill name. Clicking the drop-down arrow displays the full LS info.
    • You can now choose between 5 different Item Presets, just like swiping the Squads left/right.
    • The empty panel on the right side is for the Special items used such as EXP Tokens.
    • Enemy HP bar on the top of the screen, now with HP thresholds.
    • Turn Counter on the left.
    • UBB is now XBB, displayed in between the units, filling upwards.
    • Bottom icons (left to right):
      • Items
      • Target: Switch targets between enemies.
        • When using this feature, there will be a sword that appears on top of the targeted enemy indicating elemental weakness to one of the units in your squad.
      • Guard: Guards all units, or all remaining units after a BB/normal attack.
        • There will be a pop-up dialogue box confirming your decision.
    • Rank EXP (3)
    • Unit EXP (116)
    • EP ?
    • Unit LVL (light blue)
    • BB LVL (dark blue)
    • Bonus Pt on some units ?
    • There are now Physical and Magical BB types. Some are both.
      • These are denoted by the values shown when you long press a unit to view its BB info.
    • There seems to be a new targeting mechanic aside from ST/AoE/RT, Row.
      • If you hve played BF1, this seems to be like Am Yunos' mechanic where her skills only hit units in a row/column.
    • Buff icons are mow displayed beside the unit frames, instead of being on top of the unit sprites.
    • There no BB cut-ins. Keep on swiping!
    • When the XBB bar is full, tap the XBB icon to access possible XBB skills.
    • XBB skills have costs. Some XBBs only drain partial XBB bar while some consumes the entire gauge.
    • Some teams can have multiple XBB options based on units on squad.
      • On this example it is triggered by Vargas x Lava.
      • Other trigger types are Twins XBB, Family XBB, etc.
    • Check the original post of updates for more info on XBB types
    • Swiping Left on your Summoner brings up Alternative actions wherein Summon Companion (or Pet, w/e you wanna call it) is one of them.
    • Your pet's actions will not end your turn-action, so you can still attack, or even Spark with your pet.
    • You can gain various pets by progressing in the main story, and even evolve some of them.
    • Now full screen!
    • Bottom Left = Auto play
    • Bottom Right = Fast forward
    • Top Right = Options
      • Log (Top)
      • Replay (Left)
      • Text Summary (Right)
      • Skip (Bot Left)
      • Return (Bot Right)

    Since I'm only limited to 10 image uploads, you will have to check the full detailed post here in the sub to get the full experience of the UIs and functionalities.

    BF 2 Supported Devices
    Full Brave Stream RIP:
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    Man i like the NPC art. Can't wait for the release.
    At least now we know that it won't be released until after the new year.
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    That interface is much better than the first version :D and the unit art and the new NPC characters are pretty impressive ^_^ can't wait to play it
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    Updated the post with Navigation/Gameplay stuff.

    Will resume later.
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    Hope it releases January 2018 or sooner.
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    They keep delaying this mf game, Im dying to get my hands on it
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    it looks like its not supported on devices I even unfortunate xD guess I'm stuck with BF1 till the port it over to amazon kindle fire or windows 10 app store lol
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    with all the improvements they’re making I doubt I’ll be going on a hiatus with this game until 2 years after it’s release, And with the new art design they look like they got a good story (funny how Karl and Seria aged pretty well but Lugina looks like he’s got a couple wrinkles there)
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    that is true xD didn't notice till you said it lol

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