Burenama Vol. 1 (April 11)

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    It's actually Vol 41, but we'll make it Vol 1 for BF2.

    Upcoming Content
    Frontier Hunter Season 2 (4/17 - 4/24)

    • There will be a slightly more challenging FH
      • Score Attack
      • Expert Score Attack
      • Timed Attack
      • Restricted Timed Attack

    Kyouryuuger Collab (4/25 - 5/16)
    • Rangers can be bought with gems
      • They will be 5-stars and cost 25 gems each
    • Enemies can be acquired from Collab Quest. They got XBB.

    Golden Week Campaign
    • Daily Gem
    • GW limited-time Book
    • Merit Shop sale
    • Unit/Rank EXP and Zel Quests
    • Arena Invasion rate up

    New Updates

    • New chapter: Firuarm
    New Weapons


    New Units

    "Skill-Rise" System
    • New system to learn Extra Skills
    • You need an ALT-booster sphere (free!) to have the special ALT.
    • Some enemies can be Broken. When you BREAK an enemy, you can use the special ALT for a chance to learn EXS
    • Once broken a BREAK text will appear on the enemy's sprite.
    • Viewing enemy details displays the list of EXs obtainable from it. (see the ss below)
    • Additionally, it will also display its BREAK condition.
    • There's an option to forget learnt EXS so you can gain new ones
    • Example EXS:
      • Heal for Female Units only
      • BB ATK buff for Water Units only

    Unit Dispatch System (aka Expeditions)
    • I will call it expedition for now ala Monster Hunter World.
    • To be released in May
    • Send out units in an expedition, in which you can get rewards at the end, including unlocking new books.
    • Units used will be unusable within the duration.

    Raid Battle
    • To be released May-June
    • There will be 2 kinds: Boss Raid and Area Defense
    • Players can choose from 2-3 Anti-Daemon Squads as in Seria/Karl/Lugina back in Multi-Battle in BF1. Sadly, no MB guilds yet.
    • There will be NO more Raid orbs, but the content now uses normal Hearts as for questing.
    • Obtain rewards based on Personal and Squad Battle Results.
    • When your chosen Squad ranks 1st, you get discounted limited-time perks in the Exchange Shop.

    BF2 PC version
    • Per-registration bonuses for upcoming DMM version of BF2 (DMM is like JP Steam)
    • You can a 3-star summon Ticket
    • Details on a later date

    And Finally...
    Takanotsume x BF2 Collab

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