Chapter 5: Demon Castle Basement

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    These are the compilation of all the stuff that is packed on this huge update.

    I. Quests/Missions

    Northern Sertavia Missions

    • 険しき道
      • Deal 20,000 elemental weakness damage in 1 turn
      • Acquire 50+ BCs in 1 turn
      • Acquire 14+ HCs in 1 turn
    • 悪魔の棲み処
      • Clear using Rin as leader
      • Clear without Thunder units in the party
      • Crit 25+ times
    • 敵の思惑
      • Clear with an Earth unit in the party
      • Clear with a Thunder unit in the party
      • Inflict ailments 8+ times

    • 魔城現る
      • BB 10+ times
      • Spark 120+ times
      • Do not use items
    • 囚われる心
      • Deal 10,000 damage against a stronger element
      • Do not use BB
      • Do not use SBB
    • 守るべきもの
      • Clear with a Fire unit in the party
      • Clear with a Water unit in the party
      • Acquire 500 Zel

    Demon Castle Basement Missions
    大劇場 (Theater)
    • 道化
      • Defeat Melfer within 3 turns
      • Break
      • Deal 35,000 in Spark damage
    • 司令塔を叩け
      • Clear with a mono Fire squad
      • Do not use items
      • Do not Guard

    幻歪階段 (Stairway)
    • 息を合わせて
      • Clear with 2 squads within 7 turns
        • Target the clowns with letters on their names. Lower their HP then burst altogether
      • Use an ALT skill
      • Overkill with 80+ hits

    苦練の間 (Training Room)
    • 試される実力
      • Inflict Poison then clear
      • Clear without a Water unit in the party
      • Clear without deaths
    • 思わぬ召喚
      • Clear Noel
      • Clear Noel without killing him (Guard when he is alone)
      • Clear without deaths

    魔鏡空間 (Mirror Room)
    • 心の傷
      • Clear with 1 unit
      • Do not use ALT skills
      • Clear without continues
    • 乗り越えた先
      • Use Roy/Sasha XBB
      • Clear with Summoner in the party
      • Clear with Rin the party

    奇遊の大広間 (Great Hall)
    • 本当の強さ
      • Clear within 10 turns
      • Deal over 30,000 Physical damage in 1 turn
      • Deal over 30,000 Magical damage in 1 turn
    • 競演
      • Clear with 4 units or less
      • SBB at least 3 times
      • Use XBB
    • 奇術師メルフェル
      • Defeat within 6 turns
      • Clear with Roy in the party
      • Do not use items more than 6 times

    コレクションルーム (Collection Room)
    • 芸術鑑賞
      • Solve within 360 seconds
      • Solve within 180 seconds
    • 顕現せし異形
      • Clear with Summoner in the party
      • Guard more than 6 times
      • Clear without deaths

    スロットマシーン (Slot Machine)
    • 運試し
      • Defeat a Golden Mimic
      • Clear with a Jewel unit in the party
      • Equip 呪毒弓バーヴォ (Ailment) sphere; inflicts Poison/Curse (30% chance) for 2 turns

    II. Bosses/Skill Rise
    • Don't suk
    Skill Rise
    • Seria
    • Break Condition: Defeat Karl
      • ALT (Wallace only): +600 BB fill to party
      • ALT (Female only): -5% ATK Down (50% chance) for 1 turn, heal 20% of own max HP (30% chance) once (Consumes action)
      • EX: +5% HC drop rate
    • Karl
    • Break Condition: Defeat Seria
      • ALT (Male only): 50-150 BB fill on Spark (50% chance, up to 5x/turn, +10% BB ATK to self for 3 turns) (Does not take action)
      • ALT (Roy only): +20% BB fill rate to party (Consumes action)
      • EX: +200 BB fill after normal attack
      • EX (Joshua only): +10% ATK/DEF/MDEF when HP <50%
    • Don't suk
    Skill Rise
    • Lugina
    • Break Condition: Push below 10% HP
      • ALT: +1000 BB fill to self, but -50% HP and -10% DEF for 1 turn (Consumes action)
      • ALT (Sasha only): 8 hits Row Earth AoE (200%) (Consumes action)
      • EX (Hans only): +10% elemental weakness damage, inflict Hallucination (10% chance) for 2 turns
    • Argus
    • Break Condition: Deal certain amount of Dark damage
      • ALT: +5% ATK/DEF/MDEF to party for 2 turns (Consumes action)
      • EX: +3% ATK/DEF/MDEF
    • Lorry
    • Break Condition: Spark x times
      • ALT: +15% Spark damage to party for 2 turns (Consumes action)
    • Just use Fire units.
    • At 50%, he will deal 9 cards.
      • If you choose all Laughing faces, he will inflict Hallucinate
      • If you choose at least 1 Crying face, he will fill BB Gauges and override the rest of the faces
    • Guard when he idles around 20%.
    Skill Rise
    Break Condition: Deal a certain amount of Fire damage
    1. ALT: +10% EWD against Thunder units to self for 3 turns (Does not take action)
    2. ALT: +50% Hallucination resistance to party for 2 turns (Comsumes action)
    3. ALT: Grants Earth element to party for 1 turn (Does not take action)
    4. EX: +1% Parry
    • Use mono Water. Selena+Lucina combo works well.
    • Use Injury spheres.
    • -------
    • The boss does a lot of ST attacks, and a few AoEs.
    • Do NOT Guard a unit of he will inflict Damage over Time (DoT) on it for 3 turns.
    • At 50% HP, he will inflict a super DoT on the entire team. The only way to survive is outheal it with HoT and items, while bursting him down.
    Skill Rise
    Break Condition: Crit x times
    1. ALT (Male only): +5% Crit rate and +15% Crit damage to self, but -10% DEF/MDEF for 2 turns
    2. EX: +10% Crit damage
    • tba
    Skill Rise
    1. ALT: 200-300 HP/turn, 200 BB/turn to self for 2 turns (Does not take action)
    2. EX: +25% Ailment resistance, but -5% max HP
    • TBA
    Skill Rise
    1. ALT (Genderless only): -5% MDEF (50% chance) for 1 turn, inflicts Poison (30% chance) for 2 turns (Consumes action)
    2. EX: Inflict Poison/Curse (10% chance) for 2 turns

    III. Explore
    Explore let's you pick a squad to explore quest areas and find loot and rare things. These are some of the areas that you might wanna finish first for some sweet stuff.

    Rin's Rifle Recipe
    1. Go to Tech Development Agency and find Gustav's address through Explore in コントロールルーム (top floor). Use male units for bonus.
    2. Once you find it, go to Suburbs to unlock Gustav's house.
    3. Explore his house 100% to get the recipe. Use units with >800 DEF and/or >3500 HP for bonus

    Big Bath Area in Demon Basement
    1. Go to 奇遊の大広間 and find the Magic Map to unlock the Bath (大浴場).

    Travel Book Fragments (for lore)
    1. Mistral, 冒険者の草原
    2. Mistral, 魔物の住処
    3. Sama Kingdom, サーマ軍港
    4. Sama Kingdom, ミュール雪原
    5. Bariura Empire, 流忌の滝
    6. Bariura Empire, 魔劫冥堂 海門
    7. Capital of Extas, 中心市街地広場
    8. Capital of Extas, 技術開発庁
    9. ???
    10. Mordencamp, 滅ぼされた村

    Doctor's Notes (for lore)
    1. Extas, 第二研究エリア
    2. Extas, グスタフ邸
    3. Extas, 中心市街地広場
    4. Mysterious Hideout, 汚死の荒地
    5. Mysterious Hideout, 兵器研究所
    6. Mysterious Hideout, 破獣の間
    7. Mysterious Hideout, 生体実験場
    8. Mysterious Hideout, 兵器研究所
    9. Mysterious Hideout, 兵器研究所
    10. Mysterious Hideout, 蒼焔の円卓
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    I'm really stuck on the stairway level with the little Melfel dudes. I have no idea what to do. :c
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    Don't worry buddy i've got you. This took me ages to figure out as well. The description above isn't entirely accurate.
    Basically, yes. Target the little guys with letters in the name. However. You need to do this in such a way that you kill all the letter clowns on both teams, within one turn of each other. As in, with team 1, kill all the letter clowns then kill all the letter clowns with team 2 straight after. I'm not sure if the main clown (without the letter) must be on 1 HP or not. I'd do so to be safe.

    Here's a quick and simple method: Attack the main clown continuously with both teams, until gaining BB's and SBB's. Then, if you aren't strong enough to eliminate the clowns solely on BB's and SBB's, lower the letter clowns HP WITHOUT killing them. After having BB's and SBB's, burst the clowns and kill all letter clowns in a single turn. On the next turn, when you are using your other team, do the same. Burst the letter clowns and ensure they are all dead. When the only clowns to remain are the main non-letter ones, within one turn of each other, you will have completed the quest.

    And yes. I'm well aware that this is complicated. I tried to go into as much detail as possible. It doesn't help when I can't read Japanese xD

    Good luck. I made an account on the forum just so I could help you out ;) lel

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