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    I've been with Brave Frontier since 2014 with breaks in between. I currently don't play BF since BF2 is like a month away so whats the point. Anyway I'm a weeb not one of those cancerous weebs who like all the mainstream shit and are all gross; nope that's not me I like to refer to myself as a M A S T E R W E E B. Basically someone with actually reasonable taste, and that doesn't disgrace anime as a medium.

    Well with all that aside I do plan on being active so see you around I guess.
    OH and also feel free to add me on instagram @tsuku.yomi
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    Nice to meet you, "MASTERWEEB" funny nickname/title whatever that is xD. I understand how most weebs are weird and gross trust me, I've been to anime talk apps and sites, most of them ask some very disturbing questions only the minority though... probably. If they are not acting gross or disgusting in weird ways then they are either depressive or self destructive and shows signs of sadism and masochism. Now there is the minuscule amount of seemingly normal weebs though that probs makes up only 1%-20% of the amount of weebs. Then there is you, interesting and funny ^_^. BF2 is coming out soon cheers!
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