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    Welcome to the Brave Frontier II Forums!

    As a new Summoner and member of the community, we welcome you to BraveFrontier2Forum.
    As you can see, this is dedicated to the sequel game developed by Alim, Brave Frontier. Most of the community have spent much time and grew up playing the original game. And after four years of awesomeness, we were given Brave Frontier II. If you want to reminisce, or even if you just want to check out the previous game, visit our AppInvasion site.​
    Now then, if you are new to the game or to the community, why not drop in and say hi! You can create a New Post on the Introductions section and introduce yourself. You can add in if you have played BF before, if you need help with the game, or just post your waifu. It doesn't need to be lengthy - you can just say Hello!
    After you've introduced yourself, feel free to check out the other threads which can help you navigate the site better and find out what you're looking for easier.
    • Add Me Requests - Looking for a friends? Add your ID or look for powerful friends!
    • Unit Discussion - Contains information of all units in the game, especially new ones! Check out their skills before you buy 'em!
    • Squad Help - If you are new the game, you might be wondering how to build an effective team. Remember to post your units and include the content you need help with.
    • Quests & Bosses - This contains information regarding Quests, Lore, Maps, Bosses, and juicy content throughout BF2.
    • Guides - If you think you can write a Guide, then go for it! Otherwise, if you are looking for one, then go for it!

    In addition to all these, we also made a Discord for you to chat with other BF2 players! Simply click the link ( and you will be prompted to join/register in Discord. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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    Kuttrax - Moderator
    If you can concerns/suggestions about the site, please feel free to message the Moderators by:
    • Tagging a Mod. You can ping a Mod (or any member) by adding an @ symbol before typing their name (eg @waifu_destroyer).
    • Creating a Personal Conversation. Click the Main icon on the top right and Start a Conversation by adding a Mod(s) in the Participants textbox.
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    Will this forum have a chat room eventually?
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    Nope, that's why there's Discord
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