The Many Menus of Brave Frontier 2

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    Hey viewers! I'm sure that many people would like to know what each menu does. I don't know Japanese, but I will try my best to help anyone new to understand the interfaces available in game. I'll try to keep this as simple as I can. This is my first post so I'm not 100% sure if any photos will be linked properly and the such. If anything I have is wrong, then feel free to yell at me and I'll attempt to fix it. I hope this helps out!

    Upon opening the game there are two menus, info and an options menu that google translates to "restoration".

    We'll ignore the info option and explore the restoration menu which is at the bottom right. Upon inspection there are three more options available.

    The first two options appear to be for transferring accounts and logging into other accounts. If you ever need to log into another account, then there it is. The third option is google translated to roughly something about re-downloading. I take this that if for whatever reason you need to re-install the game, then that option can do it for you.

    That's enough of pre-game menus, let's get into the game! I'll assume the tutorial is over, so this is the screen presented.


    There is a lot to take in, so let's go little by little. Thankfully a lot of the options available are in English, so they are rather self explanatory. If you don't want a scrolling wheel on your screen to select those options, then press and hold on one of the tabs to make them stagnate options. We will start with the English options and go from there. At the top left there are three options, info, mail, and book, and a fourth option above book which is menu.


    Menu is the basics of options. It prompts many more tabs, of which I will only cover the simplest for now. The very first tab open your personal information.

    Here you can edit your bio, change your account unit photo, swap around the leaders your friends can use, change your pets name, and edit your summoner unit looks. From left to right, they do the following:
    Change name - title change - edit bio
    <- bottom row: Change pet name - edit summoner unit - icon select.
    This is the place for your personal social needs.

    Back to this menu

    The second tab is for future collaborations and any links the developers want to throw in for you to check out, like merchandise or freebies. The third tab is the last tab I'll go over, which is for the many options available in the game. You can adjust visuals, audio, and some minor quality of life changes. I can't really explain these various options, but with the slight hints in English you can figure some of it out yourself. A few quickies is BGM, Background Music. Adjust the slider to change the volume. SE, Sound Effects. Adjust the slider to change the volume. I'm assuming the other sliders adjust the pixel effects and the visual effect of sparking. There are various other options to click on having to due with brave bursts and the such, play with it as you see fit. It should adjust the visual effects and massively help if you play on a phone/ system that has a rough time running the game, so if that's the case, then try disabling a ton of options.


    If I am correct, then info should bring up news that the developers put in about the game. This should be expanded on as the life of the game goes on. I won't go any more in depth with this menu because I'm unsure as to what is actually there.


    The mail tab is the new gift box. It seems that any friend request/ follows show up in the mail to let you know. There are also goodies that may show up like honor points or gems as the game goes on. If your mail box ever gets absurdly cluttered, like mine, then there are two useful buttons to help with that. The top right has two smaller buttons, the left button is to have all the mail be marked as read. The right button is to, as far as I can tell, to junk mail that has been read.


    Book seems to be the new achievements tab. I won't even try to explain these due to a lack of knowing them, so you'll need to find another guide to learn all of the achievements available. Luckily enough, this tab updates itself and lets the player know when they successfully complete one, so play the game and be rewarded! Feel free to click around in this tab all you want, it won't ruin your account as far as I know.

    Next up is the spinning tabs. There is quest, lab, arena, and gate.


    The quest tab opens the main missions available in the game. The further you progress, the more areas that become available to explore. Completing areas grants gems and exp for your units/ player rank. The initial screen is a select screen where you can spin through areas to visit. After choosing an area, you get to see either a map, or more options.

    This for instance is the multiple options. Choose one to visit that area.

    Like so. Choosing an area opens even more options.

    Picking one of these opens the buddy selector.

    Here we have a few new options. At the top right there are two buttons. The top left is to refresh the roster of people to bring, and the top right is a filter. At the bottom there are another two options. The bottom left lets you choose your own unit to bring as a leader instead of a friend or random player. The bottom right lets you leave without an additional unit/ leader. After this screen we have one last screen before the quest itself.

    Here we get to see the squad being brought along, items being brought along, and any challenges that the mission yields. Here you can adjust your squad by tapping/ holding their icons and adjusting your items by tapping/ holding their icons. What's special here is the bottom right, green tab. This opens up a new menu.

    Here you can adjust some settings for having a quest automatically keep playing over and over again. The basic control is to slide the slider and hit on. Now the quest will automatically run. I do believe you need to have beaten the quest before having this option available, keep that in mind. I don't know what the other features available are in this menu but they should be little tweaks to what your squad does, such as if they can do BB or SBB or XBB or open treasure chests and the such. You can also set a feature as to if you want to continue refilling energy if you run out, but I'm unsure to what button that is. I'm sure there's more I don't know of, but that's the gist of it.
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    Lab is the new trials. So far, you can only bring one squad with you, so plan carefully. Here is where you will fight the most challenging battles in Brave Frontier, you need to utilize turn counting, maximize squad buffs and items, look out for ultimate attacks, and make zero to almost no mistakes or else you can be instantly wiped!

    There is also Frontier Hunter in lab. Now you have five orbs rather than three, and they function differently from the first game. You can attempt any section of Frontier Hunter without needing to complete a previous section. This is a great time for free gems and items.


    The arena is back and better than ever! The arena is now more like a hybrid of Colosseum and the arena from Brave Frontier One. When looking at the arena there are many smaller features available.At the top right, there are two buttons. The left one is for statistics/records. The right one is for rankings. You can also filter rankings to exclusively friends if i'm not mistaken. I'm not sure what the rest of the options are in rankings though. There is also a blue button towards the bottom of the screen that allows for customization of units, i.e spheres. The big red button is to actually participate in the arena. After a win you can also continue a streak of up to five to earn more ABP. To do so, the left, blue button does so. Just remember to have arena orbs. More can be replenished with gems. You can also cancel a streak in case you know you can't go on much longer. There is also a chance to randomly encounter units for capture in the arena. Some include: The Six Heroes, Zekuu, Glenn, Asuto, honour gate summons, and Mifune! (Yup, even Mifune. I personally have tried a full Mifune squad and it's actually kind of efficient.)


    Gate is the new vortex. Here you can do grand gaia chronicle equivalents, along with quests for exp, money, and evolution materials. The first thing to notice in the gate is that there is one option (as of now) and what's inside can only be accessed if you own specific units. Let's skip this for now as I can't do those. Entering the second tab yields a myriad of quests.

    From top to bottom we have as follows:
    Metal Parade (needs a silver key and gives lots of exp, along with exp fodder), jewel parade (requires gold key and gives tons of money), an exp quest to grind out to level units, evolution material quests, and a money grinding quest. So far each tab has one quest except for the evolution material tab. Let's go over that.

    The options from bottom to top are as follows:
    nymphs, spirits, idols, pots, and totems (need confirmation on this ones name). The most basic material is at the bottom, so they get tougher to obtain the higher on the page they are.

    Now let's venture to the bottom tabs at the main menu. You have from left to right:
    the home button - units - Randall - gems - summon - friends. (Names may be wrong)

    After progressing far enough, you can unlock what is essentially a second story line. Pressing the home button while at the home screen will access this new screen.


    This page is where you'll spend a lot of time. There are two overall tabs for units, one manages your summons, and the other manages your summoner unit. Let's start with the summons. The top left tab let's you view all of your units, like so.

    An important aspect of this page is that this is where you sell units. At the top right there are two tabs. The left tab is to sell units. It automatically brings you to your jewel units, you can click other tabs to sell other units. The right tab is to sort units. Use this if you have an abundance of units and you are looking for one in specific.

    Clicking on a unit shows their stats and other important information.

    Here it has a bar chart, it shows level, exp, and stats. The stats from top to bottom are:
    Health - Attack - Physical Defense - Magical Defense. Yes, the old recovery stat is gone and is now a new defense stat against magical attack. Beneath that bar chart is an option that gives bonuses to the stat you want to give bonus to. I'm unsure as to how to gain those bonus points, but they are a thing you get as your unit gets stronger. At the bottom of the screen is where you can view the units abilities. You can scroll down to view more if there is more, such as a super brave burst. You can also expand it with the arrows above it. The next tab on the bottom shows the units leader skill, and the third tab opens the ability to put on spheres. At the top right of the screen is where you can view XBB, favorite a unit, and view their lore. The top right, left button opens up lore and animation previews. The top right, right tab favorites the unit. Favorited units can't be sold or fused away. This should be done for any units you value as important or want to keep.

    Back to the beginning.

    The next tab is to view your party.

    Here you can place units in your party. Simple enough. The top right has two more tabs. The left tab is to change your leader. Click that, then click your unit. The leader skill appears at the bottom of the screen. The right tab lets you move your units position in the squad. Click that then drag the unit you want to move to the spot you want. You can name squads on the banner that says the party number.

    Back to the beginning again!

    The third tab is to fuse units. Clicking the tab looks like your viewing your units, only some may be grayed out. Selecting a unit now let's you fuse units into them. This process levels up your units. Fusing also levels the Brave Burst, which can let you unlock Super Brave Burst on five star units when it reaches level 10.


    The fourth tab is to evolve your units. Evolving a unit is only allowed once your unit is max level. Even with max level, you need a sum of money and evolution material, then you can evolve your beloved waifus. That's about it for evolution.


    The bottom left tab is for spheres. Clicking this tab opens up your units yet again, but this time, clicking on the unit opens a selection for spheres.

    You can view the spheres you own and then selecting one equips it to your unit. You can not use one sphere on multiple units. You need multiple spheres.

    XBB Squads

    A new addition is to the bottom right of the unit tab. Here, you can select units that XBB (cross brave burst) and have them available in quest even without the units in your squad. There is a tab to sort for only the units selected, and the squad holds up to six units rather than five. Now XBB like the six heroes can have some utility!
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    To access the summoner unit, you have to click the unit tab and then the sub tab within. The photo shows the tab selected.
    The first button available is to select your weapon.

    This screen shows the stats of your weapons and will even compare them by highlighting stats in red or green. (Red means worse, green means better) To equip a weapon tap the desired tool and then tap the blue button above where all the weapons are. Tap and hold an icon to view its abilities and various information in depth. At the top right corner there are two buttons. The left button opens a sell/remove screen. You can rid of any unwanted weapons at that screen. The right button is a sort button.

    Back to this:

    The second tab (right of weapon tab) is the pet tab. It should look like the photo proceeding:

    Viewing your pet lets you see your alternate attacks and your pets level. There is also a green tab that can be clicked which brings up this screen:

    Here you can feed your pet and level them up.

    Back to here:

    Enhancing a summoner weapon is done with the third tab, or the middle left tab. This screen is just about identical to the weapon selection screen. The difference here is that once a weapon is tapped it brings up a fusing screen. Fuse what you want, level your weapon, and then go to the next tab.

    Back to this screen:

    The next tab is for evolving your weapons. Once again, the screen presented is similar to the weapon selection screen. Click a weapon and one of two types of screens will be presented. One with a weapon tree like this:

    and one that will be straight to the material screen:

    To evolve a weapon you need to fill the criteria being presented.

    Back to here:

    The very bottom, left hand tab, is to equip any extra skills your summoner unit has obtained. To get these skills view the next section on EXTRA SKILLS. This screen is yet again similar to the weapon selection screen. After selecting a weapon you will have a screen that looks like this once you have some skills:

    From what I know, your weapon gains more extra skill slots as its rarity increases. At this screen you can now select the desired skills you want.

    Back to the first screen of course:

    The last tab, bottom right, is for extra skills. This tab brings up a new screen that may be blank, it depends on if you have skills to be unlocked. These skills need "EP" to be unlocked. You can get these points from achievements in the book. To unlock skills you need to level different weapons. This is very similar to the system Brave Frontier 1 had. Level different weapons to a specific level (seems to be max level) and you can unlock them. Different weapons have different skills that are associated with the abilities the weapon provides. For example, a spark weapon unlocks a spark bonus skill.
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    To get to the capital you can tap the third tab on the very bottom of the main menu. Let's tackle the capital from bottom to top. Here's a crappy layout to follow:


    The bottom right tab. Upon entering the factory you are granted to three more tabs. A nice extra addition are watermarks behind each tab. They are designs of the feature in each tab. For example: Weapon crafting has a design of weapons behind its text.


    The first of these tabs is where you can craft consumables. Gotta get those crafting recipes first. The items have pictures of what's needed to craft, pretty self explanatory.


    The second tab is for crafting spheres. Just like item crafting, there are pictures of the materials needed to craft spheres. You also need sphere recipes to craft new spheres.


    The last tab is for crafting weapons for you summoner unit. Same rules as sphere and item crafting apply here, except this time for weapons.


    The next stop in the capital is the shopping center. (As told by google translate) This is a pretty nice place to be if you're looking for some quick goodies. There are three more tabs to be seen in the shopping center.


    The first tab is to purchase some rare goods with gems. Lucky for us, there are photos to see what we are purchasing.


    The second tab is to purchase items with your regular cash. These items are items you can craft, but instead at a fair price. The selection won't be as large or as good as the crafting selection, but it sure does help if you're in need of the items available.


    This tab is to expand inventory space. Thankfully google translate makes this as easy as it can get. This photo gives it perfectly:

    So my job is done for me as to finding out what these do, so instead i'll briefly explain what they do. Expanding inventory is to increase the maximum capacity you have for something. The major ones have always been units and items, but there are many more now. If you ever need space, then this is the place. The one thing to keep in mind is that it costs gems to do this.


    The item management tab is next up on the list. From top to bottom, let's cover what's available.


    The item list is simple. You view a list of your items. There are three tabs available to view more of your inventory. The first tab is for your consumables. The top buttons allow you to filter your items (right button) and sell items. (left button)
    The second tab is for your items dropped in quests.
    I don't know what the third tab is. I'll update this once I found out


    Item organization is to prepare the items you bring into quests with you. It's a simple tab because that's it. Click what you want and it becomes available for your next quest. In the top right corner there are two additional buttons. Like usual, the right button is a filter. The left button is a quick clear, so if you want a clear item pallet quick then tap this button.


    This lets you view your spheres and sell them. The two buttons at the top right have a filter (right button) and a sell button. (left button) Clicking on a sphere shows the information on the sphere. In the top right corner there is a blue button that will favorite your sphere. Use this if you don't trust yourself on not losing them. Not much else to explain.


    Thanks to google translate we get the great name of this list as important items. There is not much to do here. You can view recipes for crafting things, and view any "important" items you obtain.


    I'll call this area "the office" because google translate says so. Here we have a few options. As per usual, top to bottom. Let's explore them!

    Merit Ex-gain

    Merit points are points that can be used to purchase various goods. They can be obtained in various ways. For more on how to use them, go to the next section "Merit Exchange".

    Here we have some more options. All of the tabs open a different way to exchange things for merit points. The first tab is to exchange zel (regular currency) for merit point. Here's the screen:
    Use the slider to exchange an amount of gil for merit points.

    The second tab is for unit exchange. Here's the page:
    You can select units to exchange for merit points. The numbers are minuscule for it being units, so I don't recommend this option unless you live a life of luxury.

    The third tab is a sphere exchange. Here's the page:
    Use this tab to exchange spheres for merit points. Select your spheres and see the absolutely tiny numbers rack up in large quantities. This is a decent method, but comes in very small amounts. Don't sell your special spheres though. Try favoriting them! Find out how in sphere list above.

    Back to the main page.


    The merit exchange is where you can spend your hard earned merit points. There are multiple tabs to buy from. The first is for evolution materials and leveling materials. The second tab is for spheres. The third tab is for rare consumables. I have no idea what the fourth tab is, nothing shows for me as of now. (If anyone knows what it's for then feel more than free to let me know) Everything is also shown with a picture so it becomes infinitely easier to know what you're purchasing.

    Back to the main page again.

    Pay To Play Thing
    You can pay for a monthly subscription to double your energy and arena orbs. There are many other perks to the purchase, but I don't have it so I wouldn't know.


    Records is to view all your, well, records. Everything you do is recorded here. You can check the rarity of units you've clobbered, check how many days you've logged in, or just check how many quests you've cleared. (All examples may be false. I don't actually know specific records and am guessing based on the first game.)

    The final tab in the capital is the library. I won't go over it for the sake of convenience. Maybe one day it'll see light. Just know it's where you can view cinematics and read through the lore of the land and the such. I'll just leave that kind of stuff to the professionals.
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    If you're looking to buy gems (with real money. There is no other way to purchase gems.) and be an absolute whale, then this is the tab for you. You can access this tab from the main menu and is at the bottom of the screen. It has a photo of a gem, it's rather hard to miss it. I personally don't buy gems and am a free to play player so I can't tell you how to actually purchase gems, but you can click on the amount on screen and buy them from your app store. If you want an in depth look at how to purchase gems, then this isn't the thread to be in.


    The summon tab is located at the bottom of the main menu, second to last tab. It's a photo of a blue ring of sorts. Upon entering the tab there are three more tabs available. From top to bottom, here we go.


    Bundles are ways to get more units for less. Now that random summons aren't a thing, units are stupidly expensive, but thankfully honor summons now give useful units. (At least at launch. Who knows if it will become a pay to play game later on.) These bundles are expensive, but if you save the gems and want multiple units, then buy bundles rather then independent units. It is cheaper to buy a bundle rather than independently purchasing units. A bundle page looks like this:

    As you can see in the bundle the units are selected with silver check marks. You cannot uncheck these marks, so there's no use in trying to uncheck units to get a better deal.


    The second tab is to select units to summon. The pro of this: no bad RNG, so no re summons. The con of this: no random summons means expensive summons. Unless you are paying money or stock gems and play for a while, you will have a rough time summoning units. Pay to play definitely will have an advantage in this game in terms of having more units available to them.

    The selection screen is a large list of all the units able to be summoned. Thankfully, just like every other thing in this game, there is a filter. If you want to filter for specific elements, rarity, LS, BB, SBB, XBB, and other things then you can filter out what you don't want. You can also check mark units you want to summon by clicking the box to the left of the unit icons. This allows for units to be bought in bulk in a much easier fashion.


    The last tab is for honor summons. Honor summons appear to be much better in brave frontier 2, where you can now summon units that would be unsummonable in honor summons in the previous title. Free to plays will find good units here that can compete with units that can be summoned with gems. Adjust the slider to summon multiple units at one time. To use the honor summon you do need honor points, keep that in mind. To get honor points bring friends with you on quests or complete challenges. In the top right corner there is a blue tab that brings up a list of units that can be summoned form the honor summon gate.


    The friends tab is the last tab to be looked at. You can find it at the main menu as the last of the bottom tabs with a photo of two hands coming together. Upon opening the tab you are granted with four more tabs, three of which that will be gone over. We'll go over it like this, top left -> top right -> bottom left.


    The first tab is your friends list. You can view all of the friends you've made (and followers too I believe) and then click on their icons to view their leaders and information. The page looks like this:

    You can see the player's name, ID, bio, leads, and rank. Here you can also favorite your friend or delete them. The left blue bottom is to delete the friend, and the right blue button is to favorite them.


    Looking for how to accept friend requests? Then this is the tab! All requests for things show here. When you want to accept one then click the player's icon and you see a page similar to this:

    To accept, click the blue button underneath all of the player's information.


    The third tab is to view your own ID to give to other players. The big numbers that appear are your ID, you can use a players ID to friend them. To actually do so you use the white bar underneath the big numbers. Entering an ID there then pressing the blue tab underneath sends out a friend invitation to the player's ID you used. There is also a blue button at the very bottom of the screen. This lets you view other players at a similar rank to your own, which is nice if you are looking for players on a similar playing ground to yourself.

    This tab is a social media tab. I don't know the specifics on how to use it, and am unsure to how it functions, but it is there. If it's like brave frontier 1 then you can use this tab to get into communication with players on your friends list so you can ask them for tips, leader swaps, or just anything you want to say.

    This should be about it for now! If there's anything I've missed then feel more than free to tell about it and I'll do my best to add it. If anything you've seen is wrong or needs updating, then also feel free to tell me about that as well! Don't feel bad to grammar nazi this either, I'm more than willing to fix up any errors. If you've gotten this far, read the post, or found this helpful at all, than thank you for viewing!
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    Thanks for the guide!
  7. ToneMeisterFlex

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    You're welcome!
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    New Menus After Release
    EXPLORE: This is located at the home screen and is a great way to level Brave Bursts over time without spending resources. There is already a guide made to help understand this, but just a few simple notes:
    1. Party members on explorations CANNOT be used in a squad, you will have to either wait or disband the exploration.
    2. Only 5 units go explore per exploration group, there can be three unlocked as exploration time increases.
    3. You can explore for a maximum time of ten hours per run.
    4. Summoner weapons and sphere recipes can be found through exploration
    5. Leveling and Brave Burst leveling is easy and requires no resources here. It's a great tool for unlocking Super Brave Bursts and leveling units if you want to not use any resources or have time to kill.
    6. Materials are obtained after explorations, like summoner weapon evolution material. It's a smart idea to send units whenever possible for items.
    7. Even if the number is red, you can achieve percentage on a run, just minimal amounts. Sending in weak units isn't a bad idea.

    As mentioned previously, there is another guide made to know more details on EXPLORE.
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    Update: Feb 02, 2015
    Hello everyone. Since my original video got a good amount of views, I felt responsible to updated my How to video with the latest instructions from the Official How to Guide. The link below will take you to my new video.
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    The Quest has approx 53 quests that can be solved / failed there could be more but I think thats about it. If you are only half way through the island you should have many more quests ahead of you. Just be sure to take your time and carefully explore every tile / map on islands and speak to everyone and in my case pick pocket them as well a Seiry needs to keep up appearances

    If you end up doing all quests and a fair amount of grinding going back to areas after 7 days -in game time you should end up finishing the game at level 16-17. So when jump into Ice & Fire you will be ready for some hard core action.

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