Which light and dark units are the best?

Discussion in 'Squad Help' started by Asasyn, Aug 28, 2018.

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    My team is currently Shion, Kira, Kikuri, Sefia and Themis, but I need a migitator as well. Any suggestions on which units I should buy and which to replace?
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    There's really no current need for mitigator. You can replace Kikuri, Sefia, and Themis for more versatile Light/Dark units like
    • Retist is a great Lead/Sub as you can pair him with his batch for XBBs
    • Rouche, for some damage boost
    • Ionia, all around
    • -----
    • Dikuto, SBB buffs and same as Retist who can have XBBs with his batch
    • Ivris, is a nicer Themis
    Don't forget you also have great F2P units especially the Trial ones who can fit right in your squad. But since you asked for L/D I went with those options above.

    There's also the Star Wars units. I personally think they're too bland to spend on but if you're into SW or want the spheres then there's some Light units as well
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    There are something I knew, not so much. On BF1, we need 1 or even 2 mitigatory heroes (not migitator, my friend ^^) because OE heroes and very hard hit bosses. But on BF2, still too soon and we have DEF/MDEF, mitigatory heroes now just have a few: Oulu, Darvashel v.v...
    - Retist is good Leader for early (mean now ^^), I am using him.
    - Ionia too.
    - Themis: don't really need now.
    - You need 1 hero can cause more AOE hit more available: Elza or Claire (Elza I think maybe good for late than if she is leader, depend your choice)
    - My team now (F2P, newbie too): Retist (Leader), Claire (AOE hit to spark), Ionia (BC buff), Shion (DPS) and Summoner (plan using Double Edge), lack a Single SBB truly (maybe I will replace Lira for someone, think later)
    Hope can help you, good luck.

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